Welcome to Global Quality Brands, a company dedicated to producing "Quality products for real life".

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Our Team

GQ Brands is full of smart, driven people who care a lot about product quality, customer service, and the relationships we build. GQ Brands people truly become a valuable extension of our all of our product brands.

Our Story

Welcome to Global Quality Brands, a company dedicated to producing "Quality products for real life". We do this by carefully managing our business and manufacturing processes to eliminate excesses wherever possible without compromising the integrity of our goods or service. GQ products are designed for an active, value-conscious lifestyle, offering smart consumers an affordable choice for quality equipment and accessories.

About our Family of Brands

All of our GQ Brands have gained a solid reputation from quality product testing and continued innovation. We are constantly keeping our eye out for ways to improve our products, service and effectiveness.

Global Compliance and Safety

All of Global Quality Brand’s factories meet or exceed the global compliance requirements of all world class retailers. GQ Brands works with several reputable factories throughout Asia, all of which are ISO certified to pass all audits and inspections for factory conditions, human rights considerations, etc. to ensure ethical behavior and maximum risk reduction. At GQ Brands, we are genuinely concerned with the well-being of all those involved in the creation, distribution and consumption of our products. Safety is a key factor, not only in our factories, but also for our end-users. All GQ Brands products are produced in safe work environments, then properly safety tested and packaged with all necessary warnings and instructions for our consumers. We follow all CPSIA guidelines and meet ASTM, CE and European TUV/GS standards for all of our brands.

Research & Development

Global Quality Brands is continually exploring new and trending ideas by measuring consumer sentiments and developing products that meet those demands. We have achieved a respectable level of success in several very competitive industries, due in part to our experienced team of logistical and creative professionals, from innovative product designs to smart production management to the higher-end packaging and branding that put our products a step ahead of the competition. Unlike some manufacturers who employ out-of-date corporate systems, GQ Brands is able to bring products to market more quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or service.

Trading Partners

Global Quality Brands believes that a strong dealer network is key in bringing our excellent product lines to a wider global audience. We’ve created a dealer program that helps qualified trading partners achieve good margins while growing a sustainable business. Our dealer support is second to none, as we understand that your success helps our success.


  • Must be a dealer with a consistent customer base
  • Must resell the products
  • Cannot use products for personal use
  • Must be in business for at least 1 year

If you’re interested in becoming an authorized GQ Brands dealer, please complete the Dealer Application. Our dealer coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.